A Hotel on the Moon?!?

That is absolutely bonkers! Who came up with this absurd idea? What about all the dust?

Welcome to Moonwalk Manor

Moonwalk Manor is an awesome new hotel on the moon. Yes, on the friggin moon. Always wanted to see what the earth looks like from afar? Well, now you can. While taking part in a low-G yoga class or exploring the landing sites of the original Apollo missions. To call a stay at Moonwalk Manor a unique experience would be the understatement of the century. Your stay at Moonwalk Manor will change your perception of reality and make you a whole new person.

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A Room with a View

Every room at Moonwalk Manor, whether you are staying in a discount suite or going Apartment Class®, has a panoramic view.

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Luxurious Sleep

Yes, you're on the moon, but that doesn't mean gravity won't do its work on your body. After a long day of excitement, bunk down in our luxurious beds to recharge for the next day.

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First Class Treatment

Your comfort and safety is our priority. At Moonwalk Manor we pride ourselves on first class treatment from the moment you arrive to the moment you set your foot back on earth. Even during a meteor event.

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The Moonwalk Experience

You're not merely going to a hotel. You are going to a new planetary body, held in earth's gravitational embrace, that travels on its own orbit around the sun. The experiences you'll have with us are unlike any other.

Apartment Class® Accommodations

Stay on the moon with the comforts of your own home. Moonwalk Manor Apartment Class® offers a full-scale New York style apartment with all the luxuries you'd expect in your own home and more.

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Five-Star Dining

Before we left earth, we convinced the best chefs in the business to come with us. Is low gravity an ingredient in fine dining? Only one way to find out!

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Gravity Gym

Our Gravity Gym offers exercises you've never even dreamed of. From our Centrifugal Super-G Track to our Zero-G Yoga Studio, Moonwalk Manor has a new experience to offer everyone.

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Moon Dust Spa

Regolith is what makes the moon grey. It is also what will rejuvinate your skin, making it silky smooth to the touch. The unique properties of moon dust makes it an ideal exfoliant and skin conditioner. Visit our spa and find out for yourself.

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Tales from the Moon

  • Earth Rise

    Bob MacEnzie

    You've heard stories about the first astronauts visiting the moon and looking back at the earth rising on the horizon. Then you see it for yourself and realize just how small and vulnerable we all are.

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  • Earth Seen from Heaven

    Judy Blench

    Rising up through the atmosphere, I saw the three-dimensionality of Earth for the first time. I was a flat-earther until that moment, but now I realize the turtles must be in a different dimension.

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  • Footprints in the Regolith

    Maiken Endersen

    One small step for man. A million small footprints from giddy tourists. I wonder if anyone will look at a picture of mine in the future and dream of being the first woman on a new planet.

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  • Falling through gravity

    Maiken Endersen

    I thought I knew yoga and how to control my body. Was I ever wrong. I have learned more about myself in two days in the Zero-G Yoga Studio than I had in 20 years of regular floor-based practice.

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